Tuesday, February 10, 2015

LASIK Short Term Regression?

Question: I had LASIK surgery January 9, 2015. I am 38 years old.  My vision was perfect when I left the LASIK surgeon’s office with the exception of halos at night. Three weeks later, I noticed my vision has decreased to the point of squinting at the TV.  Is this normal? My contact lens prescription before surgery was right eye -7.00, and left eye -8.00.  I was told I had a mild astigmatism in my right eye.  My right eye seems to be worse than the left.  Is this correctable?  I'm not scheduled to see the doctor until April. I'm not sure I can go that long without being able to read at a distance.

Answer: Unfortunately you do not relay any quantative data regarding your LASIK 1 day post operative uncorrected visual acuity, your 1 week or your actual 1 month data so it is difficult to know if and exactly how much you vision might have decreased. Your need to “squint” is all we have to go on. This suggests some decrease but it isn’t a good measure-and the amount of decrease is somewhat important. Now, you should know that your eyes are not thoroughly healed and visually stable after LASIK until about 3 months after the treatment. It is not until the three month visit-or in April in your case, when any decision about the need for an enhancement is properly made. Until that time the healing process does often result in some mild variation and shifting BUT you need to go and see your LASIK surgeon NOW as it is important to make sure the healing is going as planned. Sometimes, in the case of young, highly myopic people it might be necessary to use anti-inflammatory drops for a slightly longer period and rarely, but sometimes there might be other factors influencing the healing of the flap that can cause a decrease in vision. Thus, you should go back for a follow up visit ASAP and have the surgeon determine the amount of decline and the reasons and then prescribe or offer anything necessary. 

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