Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Vision Decrease 15 years after LASIK

Question: I had LASIK Surgery about 15 years ago and now my vision seems to be less than 20/20? Can I have it again?

Answer: Whether or not you can have a LASIK enhancement really depends on why your vision has decreased and the overall status and health of your eyes. If you have become more nearsighted, your doctor needs to understand the reasons. If it is due to some regression of the LASIK treatment-which is not common-then this needs to be considered as well. Most importantly the health, shape and thickness of the cornea need to be considered. After ruling out any other contributing eye health factors then if the decreased vision is due to a refractive error your LASIK surgeon will be able to advise you of the possibility of an enhancement. Your best next step is to schedule an exam and consultation with your LASIK surgeon

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