Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Monovision LASIK No Longer Effective

Question: I had LASIK surgery on one eye to correct my distance vision a sort of monovision LASIK. This allowed be to stop using glasses for several years. But now my near vision has deteriorated to the point that I am wearing reading and computer glasses. Is it possible to have LASIKsurgery on the other eye to correct the near vision issues and again dispense with the glasses?  I had astigmatism in both eyes but that was corrected in the eye that underwent the first LASIK treatment. Is there a better alternative? I have not had any indications of cataracts. I have been treated for glaucoma in the past but discontinued treatment after I stopped running. The pressures have been good without treatment and are checked annually.

Answer: Correcting your untreated eye will not allow for better near and intermediate range vision-in fact it will make it worse. You do not indicate your age, but even without cataracts you may want to consider lens replacement surgery in order to have multifocal lens implants that might solve your near vision issue. LASIK will not accomplish this for you. Your best next step is to have a consultation with a refractive surgeon who is also a cataract surgeon and share your needs.

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