Friday, January 10, 2014

Near Vision Correction & Farsightedness

Question: I am farsighted. I would like to be able to read without glasses. What are my options and what is your recommendation?

Answer: You do not state either your age or how farsighted you actually are so it is difficult to really accurate information. However, let’s try. Most LASIK surgeons suggest that LASIK is appropriate for only lower degrees of farsighted correction as there can be considerable regression over time. Further, even if you were modestly farsighted you would still need to have LASIK monovision which corrects one eye for distance and one eye for near. LASIK monovision success depends on the degree of correction as well, and your tolerance to some residual blur-so this is highly specific to your individual situation. Probably the option that is most likely to give you good vision at distance and near is Lens Replacement Surgery with multifocal or accommodating lens implants. This option again depends on your age, but not really your correction. Thus, your best next step is to find a cataract surgeon who is also a refractive surgeon and have a thorough examination and consultation. From this information e or she will be able to make a sound recommendation for you.

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