Friday, January 17, 2014

LASIK with Cataract & Dry Eye

Question: I would like to have LASIK but I have the beginning of a cataract in right eye-would that be a problem? Will I have night vision problems? Is there excessive dry eyes? I have dry eyes already is this going to make unbearable?

Answer: You do not state your age or how long you have had the cataract and whether it is stable or progressive. All of these factors may be important to determine whether you are suitable to have LASIK. In general if you have ANY form of a progressive cataract you are NOT a god LASIK candidate. Further, if you have symptomatic dry eye it would most likely be necessary to treat this prior to LASIK as LASIK might further increase your dry eye symptoms. From what you describe you are better off considering Lens Replacement Surgery which would correct your vision, remove your crystalline lenses and thus eliminate the cataract concern and pose much lesser risk to the dry eye exacerbation. 

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