Tuesday, October 1, 2013

LASIK & Nearsighted Prescription Stability

Question:  I am 29. I am nearsighted with a current vision of -8.00 D in my right eye and -8.50 D in my left eye. My vision had been the same for 3 years, but then increased by -.5 D in each eye on my last visit. Based on this information, would I be a candidate for LASIK surgery?

Answer: Most LASIK surgeons would not find a .5 D increase in prescription in one year a contraindication to performing LASIK surgery as it is still relatively stable. However, there are many other criteria that need to be considered in determining whether you are a good candidate. Specifically one would want to know that the thickness and shape of your cornea were normal and the prescription changes are not related to cornea issues. Given the degree of your nearsighted correction, corneal thickness must be sufficient to allow for full correction and perhaps even thick enough to allow for an enhancement should it be necessary. Further, your tear film must be healthy and plentiful and lastly, your retina and other internal structures and tissue must be healthy.

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