Tuesday, August 20, 2013

LASIK for Extreme Farsightedness

Question: I would like to have LASIK but I am farsighted and have a prescription of +7.00 in one eye and +4.75 in the other with astigmatism of -3.75 in one eye and -2.25 in the other eye. Is it really that bad? Could I still qualify as a candidate for LASIK surgery? I'm only 15 and I know that I have to be at least 18 and my prescription has to be stable in order to undergo the surgery but I'm just wondering if I will be able to get it done in the future.

Answer: Actually your prescription indicates that you are quite farsighted and have a moderate amount of astigmatism. While some of the lasers used for LASIK are technically capable of delivering this type of correction, the results over a long period of time may not provide the stability and consistency that would make you a great candidate. There are LASIK surgeons who might encourage you-but the general experience with prescriptions like yours is not impressive. That said, it is entirely possible that by the time you are 18 years old there will be other methods-perhaps including phakic lens implants-that offer a better result.

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