Wednesday, June 5, 2013

LASIK for Accommodative Esotropia

Question: I am 18 years old and I have Accommodative Esotropia. I wear glasses and contacts to help prevent my eyes from crossing but sometimes they still do and they are even worse without glasses or contacts but I was wondering if LASIK surgery would help my eyes work together properly but if not would there be another type of surgery to help them? Or at least make them align better?

Answer: If you have accommodative esotropia the probability is that you are highly hyperopic or farsighted and possibly also require a bifocal prescription as well as your contacts to keep your eyes aligned for near vision. If this is the case then LASIK is probably not a great choice as it would be impossible to provide a near bifocal prescription. In addition you do not state whether you have any prism correction in your glasses-if you do this would also make you a poor LASIK candidate. Now, when you are older it might be possible to have lens implants with lens replacement surgery depending on the state of your eyes at that time-however you are too young to consider this intraocular surgery at this time.

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