Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Too Severe Prescription for LASIK

Question: I was rejected for LASIK surgery about five years ago because my prescription was too severe.  My eyes are getting worse.  My right eye is -14.00-1.25 x165 and my left eye is -13.25-.75 x145.  Is there any kind of vision correction surgery that could help now?

Answer: There is not enough information to really know whether your eyes are healthy enough for other types of vision correction surgery with such a severe nearsighted prescription. Some things to consider include what your best corrected spectacle visual acuity is in each eye as this would be important to know. In addition, whether your cornea is fairly normal in terms of thickness and shape as well as the health and integrity of your tears. Next, you state that your eyes are getting worse. If in fact if your prescription is increasing and is unstable this too could impact your suitability for any type of vision correction surgery. If these factors as well as the overall health of your eyes and lens and retina are normal then it is possible for you to consider a Phakic lens implant Visian ICL™ Implantable Collamer Lens which is similar to an implantable contact lens and is often useful in very highly myopic people such as you. Your best next step is to find a refractive surgeon who offers both LASIK and lens implants and schedule a consultation to see what you might be a candidate for. 

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