Wednesday, May 1, 2013

LASIK after Heart Surgery

Question: My vision is not so good and I'm lost without my glasses and would love to have LASIK surgery. I had open heart surgery 2 years ago for a valve replacement and everything is going well but I take multiple medications including the blood thinner Coumadin. Does this affect my chances of getting LASIK surgery?

Answer: If your health is stable and your eyes are healthy then you will need to meet the same basic requirements as others to be a good LASIK candidate. You will need to have healthy corneas that are thick enough and properly shaped along with a sufficient quantity of healthy tears. Your prescription should be stable and you should have realistic goals of what you would like to accomplish in terms of lifestyle by having LASIK. Without knowing the list of medications it is impossible to say if any of them will preclude you from having LASIK but it is not terribly likely. Your best next step is to schedule a LASIK consultation with the best LASIK surgeon you can find in your area and they will be able to examine you and determine whether there are any contraindications to having LASIK.

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