Monday, May 20, 2013

Blurry Vision, Dry Eye & LASIK

Question: I had LASIK 5 weeks ago and at my 1 week visit had 20/15 in both eyes. Now, I have slightly blurry vision in my right eye and the LASIK surgeon says it is dry eye. Why isn’t it in both eyes if it is dry eyes?

Answer: Your eyes are anatomically different and heal at different rates. Dry eye after LASIK is the most common BUT TRANSIENT side effect with LASIK surgery. Depending on the distribution of nerves in the cornea and how they are temporarily interrupted by the LASIK and healing process it is entirely possible for the tear film to sustain greater instability in one eye or the other. You should not judge your vision with LASIK until about three months time at which time the healing should be complete. Follow the instructions and recommendations of your LASIK surgeon and keep the eye and tear healthy an intact with whatever drops or treatment options they recommend.

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