Thursday, April 25, 2013

Visian™ ICL Cost & Timing

Question: I have been told LASIK is not an option for me, due to a high prescription and thin corneas.  I was told that Visian™ ICL's would be the best option for me. One eye surgeon gave me a quote of $3850 an eye, and she would do the ICL's about a week apart. Another doctor said it would be $5450 for both eyes, and he would do both eyes at the same time.  All of his reviews (except for one) have been great and it appears he has done many ICL’s.  What am I missing?    Why is one so much more inexpensive than the other?!

Answer: The range of costs for a Visian™ ICL run from approximately $2500 per eye to $4500 per eye. The variation occurs due to geographic differences as well as what the quoted fee includes. Many surgeons prefer to do the implantable lens procedure in a sterile operating room much as they would do other intraocular surgery and thus incur a facility fee for the surgery center which is included in the fee. If the surgeon owns their own surgery center they may not “charge themselves” the same fee as a surgeon using an independent surgery center might incur. Further, Visian™ requires a YAG PI Laser procedure to create an opening in the iris. Some surgeons charge this as a separate procedure-either to the patent or their insurance and don’t quote it in the Visian™ fee. Last, on some occasions it is necessary to do a LASIK for a “fine tuning’ of the prescription on top of the Visian™ for the best vision correction results. Some surgeons include this as part of the quoted fee whereas others charge a separate additional fee. These types of considerations could contribute to the variations in quoted costs. Most conservative surgeons might wait a week between eyes to make sure the healing and outcome are as planned.

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