Monday, April 22, 2013

LASIK for Mild Nearsightedness?

Question: I want to know if I can have LASIK for my mild nearsightedness. I am nearsighted and have been with the same weak prescription for many years of -1.00 right eye and -.75 left eye. Am I a candidate for laser eye surgery?

Answer: LASIK or any type of Laser Eye Surgery for vision correction of common vision problems such as nearsightedness is helpful for correcting distance vision for people who do not want to be dependent on glasses or contacts. If you wear your glasses full time and are hindered by them then it is possible that YOU MIGHT be a candidate. However, with the weak prescription that you note it is doubtful that you actually wear your glasses on a full time basis. Your best next step is to find the best LASIK surgeon in your area and schedule a consultation.

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