Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Non LASIK Candidate Options

Question: I am 24 years old, -9.00 D of nearsightedness and not a good LASIK candidate. What are my other options? 

Answer: You do not state why you are not a good LASIK candidate. Some of the reasons that would exclude you as a LASIK candidate may also exclude you from other refractive surgery options. In particular if your eyes-especially your cornea-have any concurrent disease or problems of the retina or the cornea, you could be excluded as a candidate for the Visian™ ICL Implantable Collamer Lens. The Visian™ ICL is a type of Phakic Lens Implant that functions like an implantable contact lens. It is placed behind the Iris, in front of the Pupil and can readily correct -9.00 D of nearsightedness. It is intraocular surgery rather than corneal laser surgery and thus has some different criteria for being a good candidate. Your best next step is to schedule a consultation with the best Refractive Surgeon in your area and discuss whether you might be a good candidate for this option.

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