Tuesday, March 19, 2013

LASIK for Nearsightedness & High Myopia

Question: I am very nearsighted and wondering about LASIK.  My eyes are nearsighted and at a -11 D prescription.  I've been told all my life by eye doctors that I'd be a good candidate for LASIK. But recently, an ophthalmologist told me my eyesight was too poor to be a good LASIK candidate.  I'm looking for more opinions. What kind of improvement can I realistically expect from a LASIK surgery?

Answer: First, there is no way to tell whether you are a good LASIK candidate solely from your prescription. Being a good LASIK candidate requires a reasonably stable prescription, adequate corneal thickness, normal corneal shape, adequate and healthy tears as well as a generally healthy eye and reasonable overall health. That said, -11.00 D of myopia or nearsightedness is quite high for LASIK. It is not an absolute contraindication in and of itself but it does require a fairly significant amount of corneal thickness-which you may or may not have. Generally, LASIK surgeons would prefer to only treat up to perhaps -8.00 or -9.00 D if possible-but again this is not absolute. Also, it is quite important that should you be a LASIK candidate, you have either a custom wavefront or custom wavefront optimized treatment to minimize the spherical aberration induced by such a high correction.

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