Tuesday, March 12, 2013

LASIK Eye Surgery with Astigmatism

Question: Can I have LASIK if I have astigmatism. My optometrist told me I couldn’t have LASIK with astigmatism and I wanted to know?

Marc Michelson, M.D.
Michelson Laser Vision
Birmingham, Alabama
Answer: It is a common misconception-even among some optometrists-that you can’t have LASIK if you have astigmatism. LASIK Eye Surgery is actually an excellent way to correct astigmatism for most people. However, there are certain considerations. First, the health of your eyes has to be good-especially the cornea. The astigmatism CANNOT be due to a corneal problems, disease or dystrophy-especially Keratoconus which causes astigmatism and pathological thinning of the corneal tissue. To get the best results from LASIK with astigmatism you should have regular rather than irregular astigmatism which sometimes indicates other corneal problems such as degenerations-including Terrien’s Degeneration or Pellucid Marginal Degeneration. If your cornea is heath and free from disease, degeneration or thinning-and is thick enough for LASIK, generally there is no reason that the astigmatism cannot be effectively corrected. Your best next step is to schedule a consultation with the best LASIK Surgeon in your area and perhaps even one who is a Corneal Specialist if there is any concern about the health of your cornea.

Dr. Michelson
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