Wednesday, January 9, 2013

LASIK: How Long Does It Last?

Question: How long does LASIK surgery last? If after LASIK surgery your eyesight changes will I have to be back in glasses again? Will I have to go back to the way I am within a year or two?

Answer: If your vision and prescription are stable prior to having LASIK-as is one of the considerations to determine whether you are a good candidate-then once you have recovered from the initial surgery you should not experience significant change in your distance vision. If your distance vision does change slightly it is possible to actually perform a retreatment some time later to add further correction for distance-as long as your cornea is healthy and thick enough to do so safely. Unless there are some other circumstance regarding the health of your cornea and eyes this should be the expected outcome regarding stability. Near vision is a different story. Depending on your age it is most probably that everyone who approaches and enters their 40’s will need some type of correction for close or near vision such as for reading. It is probable that if you are under 40 your near vision will in fact change and that you will need glasses-however this near vision focusing problem is not terribly amenable to LASIK. Your best next step is to schedule a consultation with a LASIK Surgeon in your area and thoroughly discuss these questions with them. Only with a thorough examination and consultation will you know whether you are indeed a candidate for LASIK and whether your eyes are actually stable.

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