Monday, July 16, 2012

NJ LASIK & Eye Care Mobile Web Site

The Eye Care & Surgery Center, a leading NJ LASIK and Ophthalmology practice serving patients from throughout New Jersey, is pleased to announce the launch of its new LASIK Laser Eye Surgery and eye care mobile web site. Patients who use an iPhone, Android or any mobile smartphone or computer tablet like an iPad and wish to learn more about LASIK or Laser Eye Surgery for vision correction, or who want to schedule a Free LASIK Consultation can simply search Eye Care & Surgery Center and click through to get information and dial the practice directly with the touch of a finger. 

To review The Eye Care & Surgery Center mobile web site, use your smartphone to visit For greater detail and more in depth information visit The Eye Care & Surgery Center or to just be social come see us at 

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META DESCRIPTION: The Eye Care & Surgery Center in NJ announces the launch of its new eye care & LASIK mobile web site. Use your smartphone to search Eye Care and Surgery Center and click to visit us.

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