Wednesday, July 11, 2012

LASIK & Sjogren’s Syndrome

Question: I have a couple of questions about having LASIK and Sjogren’s Syndrome and dry eyes. I wear soft contacts due to astigmatism-left eye 2.00 and right eye 2.25. At a routine annual medical checkup my ANA tests came out positive for something so I inquired further and it turns out I am positive for Sjogren’s AB (SS-A) Syndrome ABS. The max is 1.0 and my result is 1.2. I'm very interested in LASIK Surgery but I'm not sure I'm a candidate, am I? I have no symptoms of anything such as dry eye.

Answer: It is not really possible to know whether you are a good LASIK candidate without a complete examination. The fact that you wear contact lenses is good but one wonders whether your astigmatism is regular or irregular and might indicate some underlying clinical problems related to your testing mentioned above. Your concern about whether you would be a good LASIK candidate if you have sub clinical Sjogren’s Syndrome is one that should be addressed during a thorough LASIK consultation, preferably with a Corneal Specialist who can evaluate the ocular surface and tear film as well as the general health of the cornea specifically the shape, structure and thickness. Dry eye after LASIK would indeed be a concern and should be carefully considered.

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