Monday, April 16, 2012

Monovision LASIK after Regular LASIK?

Question: Can you have Monovision LASIK after traditional LASIK to correct Presbyopia?

Answer: It may be possible to have Monovision LASIK after you have had traditional LASIK whereby both eyes were corrected for seeing at distance under certain circumstances and conditions.

First, if there is some degree of residual nearsightedness this would be helpful. Depending on the degree of near vision correction that is necessary to correct the Presbyopia, it may possible to perform a hyperopic LASIK in the non dominant eye to render it "nearsighted". This will depend on the shape and thickness of the cornea, the amount of correction required and the presence of an adequate and healthy tear film as well as your overall health. Upon examination and careful measurements by a LASIK Surgeon it would be possible to review the likelihood of achieving the desired result and ascertain the risks of either needing to create another "flap" or lift the current flap in order to perform the treatment.

Your next step is to schedule an appointment with the best LASIK Surgeon you can find and have a consultation.

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