Friday, April 6, 2012

Monovision LASIK & 3-D Movies

Question: I have a question about seeing 3-D movies after monovision LASIK surgery. This is probably a dumb question but...I have had monovision surgery and I'm wondering if that will impact the visual effects when watching a 3-D movie?

Answer: Monovision LASIK is effective for a great number of patients who have presbyopia and near vision focusing problems-typically after 40 years of age-and who wish to have their range or intermediate and near vision preserved after LASIK. The monovision LASIK procedure corrects the dominant eye for distance and sets a closer working distance in the non-dominant eye by, in essence under correcting and blurring that eye for distance. Stereopsis or stereovision, as illustrated by viewing a 3-D movie does require a certain degree of clarity in order to be fully appreciated. It is different for different people AND it depends on the degree of blur that has been induced and is tolerated. There is a threshold of clarity required, but you may only be slightly blurred in order to achieve the monovision effect. So, if in your monovision LASIK correction you were blurred with a +1.50 D add effect you might still have pretty decent stereopsis whereas if you were blurred with a +2.50 D add effect you might lose it completely. This is really situation specific to the individual, so you will need to try it for youself.

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