Thursday, March 15, 2012

LASIK & Harley Davidson Motorcycle Ride?

Question: How long after LASIK can I ride my Harley Davidson motorcycle?

Answer: With the approval of your LASIK Surgeon, it would be possible for you to ride your Harley Davidson motorcycle about two weeks after your LASIK Eye Surgery treatment with the provision that you MUST wear eye protection. In fact, anyone who is a motorcycle rider should ALWAYS wear eye protection that includes at a minimum goggles and/or a full face shield. This is even more important for patients who have LASIK for a few reasons. Motorcycle riding exposes the rider to fast moving particulates such as dirt, dust and road grime that cause considerable eye irritation. Further, being out with other vehicles means you are also exposing your eyes to exhaust fumes and other airborne pollutants and pollen, all of which can cause further irritation. Small pebbles and road debris are yet another source of eye injury-thus wear eye protection.

After LASIK we want to be sure that the ocular surface remains healthy and heals properly and that you are not inclined to aggressively rub your eyes. Riders really enjoy the feel of the wind-but that wind also dries out the surface of the eye which is important for continued healing. Thus, to avoid increasing the dry eye symptoms after LASIK, we must keep the wind and air blowing at a minimum-so please wear eye protection. Review and get clearance from your LASIK Surgeon-WEAR EYE PROTECTION-and enjoy the ride on your Harley!
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