Thursday, March 8, 2012

LASIK for Extreme Farsightedness

Question: I have a question about LASIK for extreme farsightedness. I have checked every couple of years to see if the technology has gotten better for my eyes. Can laser vision correction correct a contact lens prescription of +6.5 (farsighted)?

Answer: Your question regarding LASIK, or really any type of Laser Eye Surgery to correct extreme farsightedness, really is not a "technology" question but rather an "outcome" question about the safety efficacy and predictability of Laser Vision Correction for this type of correction. Technically there are lasers that can be programmed to correct your level of farsightedness. However, there are "outcome" reasons that Laser Eye Surgery may not be the best choice.

Depending on your age-younger, say less than 40 years old-there is a high likelihood of instability and regression of the highly farsighted prescription making it necessary to do enhancements-often more than once. This is more so the case with LASIK than with PRK, but it still a problem. When you are over 40 and in your 50's, there are better options for the high hyperopic correction that use Lens Replacement Surgery, which removes the crystalline lens and replaces it with a permanent Lens Implant.

This is much more predictable and since the crystalline lens is removed, it eliminates the possibility of developing a Cataract. Extreme farsighted patients seem to do much better, and are happier, with the stability and overall result, as compared to Laser Vision Correction. It would be worthwhile to find a top LASIK Surgeon who is also a top Cataract Surgeon and schedule a consultation to discuss whether this might be suitable for you.

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Brooke Davis said...

Thank you for this reading! I, personally, believe Laser Vision Correction to be really helpful for those who have eye trouble and do not want to wear glasses anymore. I wear glasses and want to get this done, but I'm still afraid because that is just me. Any insight on getting it done? Hope this finds you well though. Have a great day!