Sunday, March 25, 2012

Best LASIK Price Shopping

Question: I have had a consultation and am recommended for LASIK eye treatment. I am e-mailing to get a price quote per eye. I am nearsighted -4.25 and am searching for the economically sound price.

Answer: Shopping for the best LASIK price by e-mail is a, no pun, "short sighted" path to successful LASIK Surgery. Choosing a LASIK Surgeon is the MOST important decision that you will make in obtaining the best possible results as well as a safe, effective outcome in terms of your overall patient satisfaction and future eye health.

LASIK is NOT like buying tires for your car.

The surgical skill, experience and interpersonal skills of the LASIK Surgeon are key to your satisfaction. What makes you think you are in a position to evaluate this through e-mail? The price for LASIK should simply NOT be the criteria by which someone chooses a LASIK Surgeon. If you cannot afford to find the best LASIK Surgeon with top notch staff and with whom you can quickly establish a trusting relationship during an individual consultation-THEN YOU SHOULDN'T DO IT!

Further, just because a particular LASIK Surgeon told you are a good candidate does not mean others would also find you a suitable candidate. Schedule as many LASIK consultations as you need to find the LASIK Surgeon that provides you with the best evaluation, answers all of your questions and takes the time necessary to ensure your ultimate success. Stop shopping for health care and eye surgery via e-mail.

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