Monday, February 27, 2012

Monovision LASIK with Glaucoma Risk

Question: I am 59 years old considering monovision LASIK surgery. My mother has Glaucoma and uses eye drops. I did two separate visual field tests that were inconclusive and my IOP is 15 in each eye. I also occasionally experience dry eye symptoms with my contact lenses. Am I eligible to have LASIK Eye Surgery for the correction of myopia as my eye surgeon said I am a good candidate?

Answer: Having a family history of Glaucoma absolutely predisposes you to developing Glaucoma, so there is good reason to be cautious. If you have normal IOP, normal visual field tests and normal optic nerve health then you are simply at greater risk for but do not have Glaucoma. Now, if you have otherwise healthy eyes including the health of your Cornea, the thickness of your Cornea and adequate quantity and quality of your tears-then you could very well be a good candidate for LASIK. Since you are a contact lens wearer, the best way to determine whether you might do well with Monovision LASIK is to have a trial with Monovision Contact Lens correction in order to see how you adapt to the range of vision and whether this would be suitable for you. If you have not already done this you should scheduledule an appointment with your LASIK Surgeon and request a trial.

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