Thursday, February 16, 2012

LASIK, Motorcycle Safety & Dry Eyes

“This is the time of year we start to see many motorcycle riders who are interested in LASIK,” commented Connecticut LASIK Surgeon & Corneal Specialist Leslie Doctor, M.D. of Doctor & Associates with offices in Fairfield County. “Contact lenses and certainly eyeglasses can be a challenge for both recreational as well as competitive riders-so many consider LASIK about now. As motorcycle lovers start to think about the spring and summer motorcycle riding season, I try to remind them that eye safety and also dry eyes should top the list of things they think about as part of their readiness checklists along with the condition of their gear and bikes.”

“For our Ft. Lauderdale LASIK patients-many of whom are year round motorcycle riders-we alert them to the need for eye protection from the sun, bugs, small rocks and pebbles and especially the wind, which along with the south Florida heat can really contribute to dry eye symptoms,,noted Ft. Lauderdale LASIK Surgeon & Corneal Specialist Ray Gailitis, M.D. of The Center for LASIK in Margate, Florida. “At The Center for LASIK my staff is pretty well attentive to exploring the lifestyle needs and activities of LASIK patients so that we can carefully counsel them in order to get the best results.”

 “Birmingham LASIK patients also tend to be pretty much year round motorcyclists as well. In addition, with the proximity of Michelson Laser Vision to the Barber Motorsports Park we tend to see quite a number of competitive motorcycle riders who are coming into town for American Motorcycle Association Events, especially the AMA Superbike Series,” remarked Marc Michelson, M.D. a Corneal Specialist & Birmingham LASIK Surgeon. “LASIK patients as well as other recreational motorcycle riders sometimes overlook or are just not aware of the potential for eye irritation and motorcycle dry eye caused by the wind, exhaust fumes, pollen and pollution-as well as our Alabama sun and heat.”

For motorcycle riders thinking about LASIK Eye Surgery, now is the time to explore the possibility with top LASIK Surgeons across the United States.

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