Thursday, February 2, 2012

LASIK, Lens Implants & Near Vision

With careful patient selection and application of LASIK as well as Lens Implants for near vision correction for our “baby boomer” population, the potential for “glasses free vision” may be a reality for those seeking vision correction with a comfortable and convenient “no hassle” lifestyle.

“As a Corneal & Refractive Surgeon, patients most often come to see me at the South Texas Eye Institute in San Antonio asking how we can help them become less dependent or even free of glasses and contact lenses. In years past, our patients were mainly seeking help with far or distance vision-today we are doing more and more examinations and consultations for patients needing help with far, near and arm’s length vision,” noted Lisa Martén, M.D. “This is where as a full scope Refractive Surgeon I am able to evaluate all aspects of the patient lifestyle and needs and offer a comprehensive range of solutions that include LASIK-with or with monovision correction, as well as lens implants that can correct their presbyopia related focusing problems.”

“Some of my most rewarding days in the office are when I get to see patients for follow up visits after they have had lens implants for vision correction of combined problems such as farsightedness and presbyopia. Many of these patients we see have previously been told that were not good LASIK candidates-which in fact turns out to be true,” remarked Leslie Doctor, M.D. a Connecticut Eye Surgeon & Cornea Specialist at Doctor & Associates with offices serving Fairfield County in Westport, Wilton and Norwalk. “Seeing the positive results for those who thought there were no options makes for a great day.”

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