Monday, February 6, 2012

LASIK at 60 Years Old

Question: My friends and I have had LASIK about 13 years ago. We are in our early sixties now and are wondering if LASIK can be repeated to improve our eyesight?

Answer: You may not know and thus do not state the reason for the declining vision in your 60's. The first consideration in whether you can have LASIK again is why you and your fiends might need to. As you enter your 60's the incidence of Cataracts and Age Related Macular Degeneration (AMD) increases considerably and thus needs to be ruled out prior to LASIK. If the decreasing vision is in fact due to increasing nearsightedness, the formation of a Cataract in particular must be ruled out very carefully as this can often present as a need for a change in glasses. Typically, if you had successful LASIK some time ago it would not be expected that your distance vision would decline in your 60's as a result of nearsighted progression-although it could happen. If your eyes are healthy, you have a normal healthy quantity and quality of tears AND your Cornea were thick enough and of the proper shape-and you needed LASIK repeated in your 60's-it would be possible to have it again. It is important for you to schedule a consultation with your LASIK Surgeon to determine all of these factors and have appropriate measurements taken to find out for sure.

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