Thursday, February 23, 2012

Dry Eye Help for Winter Cold Weather

“Many patients can really benefit from some help for dry eye and problems with dry eyes as these problems can be particularly annoying in the winter cold weather,” remarked Keegan Johnson, M.D., a Fall River Massachusetts Cornea, Cataract & LASIK Surgeon at Center for Sight. “While we have had a pretty mild winter in most of the United States and certainly in New England this year, whenever we do turn up the heat in our homes, at work or in our cars create a great deal of dry air that can impact the surface of the eye leading to dry eye symptoms.”

Dry eyes can be caused by either a deficiency in the quantity or the quality of your tears. The blowing and circulation of dry warm air from heat ducts or heater vents in autos has a considerable effect on your tears. We all want to keep warm in the winter so it’s important to take some steps to prevent your tears from evaporating from the dry winter air we are exposed to that we create in the environment around us. Make sure that air vents and ducts are pointed away from your head and face. Where possible try and install humidifiers at home or in offices to keep the warm air around you at least minimally moist.

“I always review the environmental factors that increase dry eye problems with my patients. In addition, today we have many effective dry eye treatments that offer patients help for their dry eye symptoms. Depending on the severity of their problems, we may recommend specific types of artificial tear eye drops to replace the evaporated tears, we may insert tiny microscopic plugs in the tear ducts to help retain the tears that are already present or we may even prescribe an eye drop called Restasis® that can help patients make more of their own tears,” said Dr. Johnson.

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