Tuesday, January 31, 2012

LASIK: What Cost is Too Cheap?

Cheap LASIK Surgery may not be worth the cost. LASIK Vision Correction is surgery and should be considered carefully-including its cost. In today’s economy everyone needs to “watch their pennies”-and their dollars as well! Having LASIK Vision Correction is top of mind for a great number of people who need to have it for their jobs or even more often, just don’t want the dependence, hassle or inconvenience of wearing glasses or contacts all the time to see clearly at distance. Thus there is a balance between wanting LASIK today and being able to afford it and trying to get the “best deal” thinking that cheap LASIK is good LASIK. Unfortunately there is an assumption that potential LASIK patients actually know what to ask and what they are “shopping” for. Here are some guidelines-HOWEVER-they are NOT a substitute for the fact that finding the best LASIK Surgeons has NOTHING to do with looking for the best LASIK price which implies cheap LASIK.

  • When thinking about going after that “$295 LASIK” advertisement YOU NEED TO KNOW that you are setting yourself up for a “bait and switch” high pressure sales scheme potentially loaded with deceptive sales tactics-similar to what you would expect from a shady used car dealer. 
  • Each time the LASIK Surgeon performs a LASIK Surgery procedure THEY MUST PAY THE LASER MANUFACTURER A LICENSE FEE FOR THE USE OF THE SOFTWARE THAT RUNS THE LASER. Typically the fee ranges from $150-$250. The only way to avoid this fee is to use a NON APPROVED LASER-only that has not been scrutinized and passed through the FDA approval process-can you say “safety hazard and increased risk?” 
  • LASIK is surgery and thus the procedure requires the use of surgical supplies. Surgical supplies COST MONEY. Typically the actual LASIK surgery supplies can cost $25-$50 PER EYE at a minimum. 
  • Let’s assume that the LASIK Surgeon and the staff work for FREE. Sure…let’s say they actually like doing FREE LASIK. Most of us like to get paid for working and doing our job….but let’s say its FREE LASIK.
  • The very basic cost of LASIK is $175-$300 PER EYE before the facility pays its rent, electric bill and other costs such as insurance-AND THAT IS WITH EVERYONE WORKING FOR FREE. Do you think folks who work for free are inclined to do an A+ job with YOUR EYE SURGERY?
  • The very basic cost of LASIK is $175-$300 PER EYE before the facility pays for the cost of laser SERVICE and UPKEEP. Do you think folks who have little or no profit are inclined to keep the laser serviced so it operates at ITS BEST PERFROMANCE FOR YOUR EYE SURGERY?
Thus what happens is that patients considering LASIK who shop for the best LASIK price and the cheap LASIK doctors MOST OFTEN FIND THAT THERE ARE MANY “UPCHARGES” including:

  • Extra charges for the “complete eye exam and consultation” which isn’t covered by the cheap LASIK price!
  • Extra charges for “your prescription”, which isn’t covered by the cheap LASIK price!
  • Extra charges for “follow up care”, which isn’t covered by the cheap LASIK price!
  • Extra charges for “enhancements”, which isn’t covered by the cheap LASIK price!
And on and on…so that after you have gone through the entire process your actual cost of LASIK isn’t so cheap-AND ALL YOU GOT WAS A CHEAP LASIK SURGEON WORKING IN A CORNER CUTTING CORPORATE RUN DISCOUNT CENTER THAT COULD BE GONE TOMORROW!

LASIK Vision Correction requires the skill, dedication and experience of top LASIK Surgeons using reliable and well serviced instruments as well as top experienced staff members. This costs money. Don’t be fooled or drawn to the best LASIK price that is too cheap. As with most things in life-if it looks too good to be true –IT USUALLY ISN’T!

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