Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Vision Recovery after LASIK Surgery

Question: How long is the vision recovery after LASIK and when does the blurriness go away?

Answer: For the vast majority of patients having LASIK Surgery, the vision recovery is pretty quick and they see well enough to drive a car within a day or two after their Laser Vision Correction treatment. For some patients who have had LASIK and who had very high prescriptions that needed to be corrected, the visual recovery time can be somewhat longer-even as long as a week. In addition, each patient does heal slightly differently and there could be some slight residual swelling of the cornea that causes blurriness. There are a few short term LASIK complications that could also cause blurriness. You need to keep your follow up appointments and if by the end of a week or so after your LASIK Surgery you are not seeing pretty well you do need an explanation from your LASIK Surgeon. By the end of 90 after days after LASIK, you will most likely be seeing as well as you will see barring any complications.

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