Monday, January 2, 2012

LASIK after Retinal Detachment

Question: Can I have LASIK if I had a retinal detachment and a scleral buckle surgery and then a lens replacement surgery?

Answer: There are a number of considerations that might or might not permit you to be a good LASIK candidate at this time based on your history of retinal detachment surgery and lensectomy and lens replacement surgery. First, your Retinal Surgeon must give clearance regarding the stability of the Retina. Assuming he or she does, then your Cornea must be of sufficient thickness and healthy enough to sustain another surgery as well as you must have a healthy and adequate normal tear film.You should also have a sound reason for, as well as realistic expectations for LASIK at this time as one would need to understand your motivations vs. wearing glasses. Another consideration is the location and the condition of the scleral buckle. Sometimes the buckle can interfere with the placement of the suction rings needed for LASIK when a microkeratome is used or even the suction device when a femtosecond laser is used to create the flap during LASIK Surgery. It might just be that if all other factors are acceptable, your LASIK Surgeon suggests that a Laser Eye Surgery such as PRK might be a better choice in order to avoid any difficulties with a suction device. Your firstep is to obtain clearance from your Retina Specialist. Then if he or she approves you should find a LASIK Surgeon who can review your entire history carefully and after a thorough examination and consultation tell you whether the outcome is likely to be as you desire.

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