Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Houston LASIK Eye Surgeon on Cost of Surgery in 2012

Houston LASIK Eye Surgeon Bernard Milstein, M.D. commented on the cost of LASIK Surgery in Houston-“While 2012 appears to still have significant challenges for our economy, a very healthy number of patients have elected to be treated in at The Eye Clinic of Texas during January. This is probably a reflection of a combination of factors including the availability of Flex Plan funds through employers, patients realizing that there is really good value delivered when one considers the cost of LASIK as compared to glasses and contact lenses and certainly to the pent up demand for LASIK created by economic uncertainty. At some point patients just say “lets’ do this already,” stated Dr. Milstein. “The cost of LASIK is pretty affordable for most patients who want it at our practice-especially when we help them with easy payment plans which are very popular.”

The Eye Clinic of Texas Laser Eye Surgeons Drs. Milstein and Van offer those thinking about LASIK in Houston a Free LASIK Consultation to help find out if they are candidates and whether LASIK Surgery or some other type of Laser Vision Correction is the best vision correction option for their personal goals. You can schedule an appointment for a Free Consultation at The Eye Clinic of Texas by calling 800-423-3937 or by visiting http://www.ecot.com/ or facebook.com/ecot.lasik.

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