Monday, January 2, 2012

Ghosting Vision after LASIK

Question: I had LASIK performed 2 years ago. All seemed well, until a few months ago when I started noticing changes and bothering effects with my vision. It first appeared in dry eyes, which I treated with drops and punctual plugs...but as the dry eye cleared up, I started noticing more problems with ghosting images/blurry vision/problems seeing on the computer and watching TV, as well as constant dizziness and depth perception problems. Its been a nightmare. I am going in on Monday to talk with the LASIK Surgeon who performed the I went last week and talked to another doctor and she didn't seem to have any answers for my problems. Regardless of what my LASIK Surgeon says, I would like a second opinion. Any advice on what options/things I should consider for these problems? I kept measuring 20/15 on eye tests, but the vision quality is poor (ghosting images all the time). I went to another eye doctor for an exam, as I was desperate, and he measured ed me as -.25 in each eye. I ordered glasses for this mild change, picked them up today, and have been wearing them for the last few hours. I have noticed a small improvement in sharpness/the quality of my vision, but the ghosting and sensitivity to light is still here and bothering me. I just need to know what options I can take.

Answer: It is really impossible to provide much information about your situation without having many details of your eye examination and current overall eye health and vision as well as having access to some testing data. That said, there may be some things to consider as you go forward. First, you do not indicate whether you have had conventional LASIK, Custom Wavefront LASIK or Custom Wavefront Optimized LASIK. Depending on which type of procedure you had, it is possible that while each one would fully correct your primary refractive error, each could treat different types and amounts of what are called "higher order aberrations-or not. Higher order aberrations do indeed cause patient symptoms of "ghosting". However it is unclear why these symptoms are just being manifest now, if they are the cause-but it is possible. These aberrations are directly measurable as part of you examination using an instrument called a wavefront analyzer or aberrometer and thus this can usually be ruled in or out. You do not state your age and it is possible that mild changes in the crystalline lens could also cause these aberrations to occur after some time where previously you were not symptomatic. If you have not already had at least a screening visual field test you may be asked to have one based on the symptoms you report. There are many other reasons that may or may not be related to your eyes directly that could contribute and you should probably consult your primary care physician as well.

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