Sunday, January 22, 2012

Getting Pregnant after LASIK

Question: I'm 35 years old and eager to have LASIK done and I am trying to get pregnant at the same time. I have met with an experienced LASIK surgeon that I feel good about and he told me I can have the surgery done as long as I'm not pregnant. However every web site online tells me that I should avoid being pregnant up to 6 months after LASIK surgery due to hormonal changes that make effect my recovery. I questioned my surgeon on this but he reassured me that is not the case, that I can be pregnant soon after surgery and it will not effect my healing process. So I'm confused at this point and would really appreciate your advice. Will becoming pregnant soon after my surgery effect my healing process?

Answer: There is a conservative school of thought that suggests waiting to have LASIK until you are 6 months post partum and even 6 months after the discontinuation of nursing in order to avoid any variations that might occur due to the hormonal changes. This was pretty much required with PRK but current thinking is that if you are indeed a good LASIK candidate and have the procedure and THEN become pregnant some time thereafter, the likelihood of impacting healing is pretty small. However, what you should know is that LASIK very often causes a temporary reversible dry eye-pregnancy also can cause dry eye symptoms, thus there is a good possibility you may encounter dry eyes which in and off itself usually can be tolerated. But, if the dry eye is extreme it can cause physical discomfort as well as visual discomfort and instability AND you will NOT be able to use the prescription eye drops that help relieve the symptoms while you are pregnant. This should be discussed with your LASIK Surgeon in order to be sure that your tears are sufficiently healthy and of sufficient quantity to minimize any dry eye risk that might make you uncomfortable or induce transient blurry vision.

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Anonymous said...

I am having LASIK tomorrow and I am also trying to conceive. It's funny I am 34 and while reading the post I felt like it was me.
I am waiting to hear back from my eye surgeon's office. Currently I am very worried. I know I am not pregnant right now but what if I get pregnant next month?

Unknown said...

In general, the consensus is that there is no problem!