Thursday, January 26, 2012

Best LASIK Vision Results & Wavefront Treatments

“Getting the best vision results for my LASIK patients in San Antonio requires a careful evaluation, examination and consultation including measurement of the wavefront refraction which we do routinely at every consultation to be certain we are getting the most accurate analysis of each patient’s vision,” commented San Antonio Texas LASIK Surgeon & Corneal Specialist Lisa Martén, M.D. of the South Texas Eye Institute. “Further, for the best LASIK results that are consistent and predictable I routinely perform custom wavefront laser eye surgery treatments for virtually all patients as a matter of course. As a corneal and refractive surgery specialist, the patients who visit us tend to have high expectations-and we want to deliver the best results. ”

“We too find that it is quite worthwhile to take the extra time at the initial consultation to measure the details of the aberrations of the eye using wavefront analysis. Patients appreciate the effort when we do any and everything as part of the consultation to be sure we are working to get the best LASIK results and vision for them,” agreed Leslie Doctor, M.D., a Connecticut LASIK Surgeon & Cornea Specialist at Doctor & Associates with offices serving Fairfield County in Westport, Wilton and Norwalk. “We know that refractive surgery, such as LASIK in particular, has been shown to induce changes in corneal asphericity-especially in the treatment of higher nearsighted prescriptions-so we really need to minimize or eliminate the spherical aberration as part of our routine corneal laser eye surgery procedures.”

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