Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Not a LASIK Candidate

Question: I was told I was not a LASIK candidate and want to find out if anything has changed. 5 years ago I had a LASIK consult and told me that my cornea was to thin and my eye "too football shaped" to be a LASIK candidate and to check back in 5 years as there are many advances in the field of laser eye surgery. I have had glasses very thick glasses since I been 5 and I am now 31. My eyes have always been magnified like I drank 200 cups of coffee with glasses and I would really be happy to just not even lose the glasses but maybe reduce the thickness of my lenses or make it so contacts are an option. I am very self conscious about my glasses and have lacked confidence due to my glasses. I have always felt people look at me cause my eyes are too big. Have they come up with anyway of fixing or improving my vision yet? I am very anxiously waiting for some kind fix for my vision. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you.

Answer: It is difficult to really know whether you are a candidate for any of the options for helping become less dependent or even independent of eyeglasses without knowing more about your prescription and eye health. But here is some information that may be helpful. It sounds as if you are extremely farsighted and possibly have considerable astigmatism from the description that you have given--although the fact that your cornea was too thin does not fit with this exactly. If you are in fact extremely farsighted or hyperopic, and if you have a moderate to a high amount of astigmatism, you would NOT be a good LASIK candidate or perhaps for any type of Laser Eye Surgery such as LASIK. People with prescriptions such as this do much better in terms of outcome and long term results with Lens Replacement Surgery with a Toric Lens Implant to correct the astigmatism.

IF-big IF-you were indeed a candidate for this you would STILL need to wear eyeglasses for reading and seeing arm's length and close vision as the Toric Astigmatism Correcting Lens Implants do not yet correct presbyopia....but WILL in the relatively foreseeable future. IF on the other hand you are extremely nearsighted with astigmatism it may be possible to use a Visian™ ICL which works like an implantable contact lens and could be combined with a correction for astigmatism with LASIK to give you the best result. In any event, your next step is to find the best LASIK Surgeon in your area who is also a top Cataract and Lens Implant Surgeon and to schedule a consultation so that together you can determine what, if any, of these options might be worthwhile for you.

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