Saturday, December 10, 2011

Lens Implants instead of LASIK

Question: I have been told to have lens implants instead of LASIK. I have been examined by many eye surgeons for LASIK and have been told that they cannot do LASIK surgery because my cornea thickness is less than it needs to be. They have suggested doing a lens implant. Is this possible and what are the disadvantages?

Answer: Successful LASIK Surgery does require an adequate corneal thickness for proper results and long term eye health. Depending you your prescription and the thickness of the cornea it is in fact entirely possible that you are not a suitable LASIK candidate. For some patients wishing to be less dependent or independent of eyeglasses and contact lenses for seeing clearly at a distance it is sometimes possible to use different types of Lens Implants to correct the vision. For moderate to highly nearsighted patients it is sometimes necessary to consider using a Visian™ ICL, which functions like and implantable contact lens-and we suspect this is what your eye doctors are recommending. With proper patient selection, the Visian™ ICL can provide good vision for nearsighted patients and outside the United States can also be used to correct both nearsightedness and astigmatism. Lens Implants are intraocular surgery and thus have the associated risks of any intraocular surgery which tend to be somewhat greater than those of corneal surgery such as LASIK. That said, if multiple eye surgeons are providing you with the same information it is most likely the case that you should consider other alternatives to LASIK in order to achieve your vision correction goals.

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