Friday, November 4, 2011

LASIK & Reading Glasses

Question: I have a question about having LASIK instead of using reading glasses. I am a 51 year old male and I had great vision until I was 40. Now I wear reading glasses. My job has me using a computer at work and I use a computer at home as well. I find that the eye strain is exhausting. Can LASIK help with my vision?

Answer: LASIK Eye Surgery is primarily indicated for helping people who are nearsighted, farsighted and who may also have astigmatism become less dependent or independent of eyeglasses and contacts for seeing clearly at distance. It is most appropriate for people who wear their eyeglasses or contacts at the time for seeing far away. There are techniques such as Monovision LASIK that can help people correct BOTH far and near vision but in general LASIK for Laser Vision Correction of common refractive errors is for distance vision.

You do not state whether you are attempting to wear the reading glasses for working on the computer. If you are, they may not be the correct prescription for the "arm's length" vision that computer work requires. Further, working on the computer for prolonged periods of time is also known to cause dry eye problems that can make your eyes feel tired. Your best course of action is to schedule a comprehensive eye examination with your eye doctor and review the various distances you work at as well as the complaints you have identified. Chances are that LASIK is NOT a good choice at all but that several other alternative eyeglass options and dry eye management tools will be of great help.

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