Thursday, October 20, 2011

LASIK Lifetime Guarantee & Monovision

Question: I have a question about the LASIK lifetime guarantee and monovision. I had LASIK surgery around 7 to 10 years ago. I am now turning 45 and in need of readers all the time. I was never given the option of monovision LASIK at the time I did my surgery. Would I still be a candidate now? Would this be covered under the LASIK lifetime guarantee I paid for or considered a different surgery?

Answer: As we all enter our mid 40's we begin to develop a normal near vision focusing problem called Presbyopia. This condition is a normal and expected part of getting older and can often be helped using the technique of Monovision LASIK.

If you had LASIK in your mid to late 30's and your distance vision was well corrected, the fact that you need "readers" now at 45 is expected. It might be possible to "induce" a small amount of nearsighted correction in your non dominant eye with another Laser Vision Correction procedure such as LASIK or another Laser Eye Surgery. The only way to tell is to schedule a consultation with your LASIK Surgeon or another top LASIK Surgeon if you so choose who will be able to carefully assess the shape, health and thickness of your Cornea and quality and quantity of your tear film as well as your likely tolerance to Monovision. Whether or not a Monovision LASIK procedure would be covered under a Lifetime Guarantee is entirely at the discretion of your original LASIK Surgeon in accordance with the terms and conditions under which it was sold to you.

In general LASIK Lifetime Guarantees only cover enhancements for distance vision changes that are NOT due to other factors such as Cataracts. 95+% of all LASIK enhancements for distance vision are identified with the first 3-6 months after the initial LASIK procedure and thus paying for any sort of LASIK Lifetime Guarantee is somewhat of a scam as trusted LASIK Surgeons virtually ALWAYS provide any medically necessary enhancements with the first year after treatment at no charge.

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