Sunday, October 16, 2011

LASIK for Accountants

Question: I am 24 years old, planning to have LASIK. My work as an accountant demands lots of reading and long hours of working on the computer. Should I reduce my readings and computer after the LASIK, or is it irrelevant?

Answer: Working on a computer or reading for prolonged periods of time should not pose any increased risk or discomfort after LASIK as long as you were a good LASIK candidate prior to the eye surgery. You need to be sure that your prescription is stable, you overall eye, corneal and systemic health are good and you MUST have a sufficient quantity of stable healthy tears. Prolonged near vision tasks challenges the tear film as we simply do not blink often enough and are subject to develop dry eye complaints even without LASIK. Thus, make sure that you tell your LASIK Surgeon about your work so that he or she can consider the health of your tear film carefully and perhaps even take increased measures to keep your tear film healthy during the period after you have your LASIK Surgery.

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