Friday, October 14, 2011

LASIK and Increasing Nearsightedness

Question: I have a question about LASIK and increasing nearsightedness. I am 25 years old and nearsighted. I understand this problem continues to increase until the age of 30. If I have LASIK now will my nearsightedness continue to worsen until I am 30 or should it stop after the LASIK?

Answer: The progression of nearsightedness or myopia typically ends closer to the early to mid 20's than 30. Although, depending on the type of work performed and other genetic and health factors it can increase into the 30's. In order to be a good LASIK candidate optical correction that is not progressing. LASIK does not really influence the progression of myopia and one should not expect the normal myopic changes that would have otherwise occurred to cease after LASIK.

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