Tuesday, October 18, 2011

LASIK & Abrasions from Contact Lenses

Question: I have a question about having LASIK as I keep getting abrasions from my contact lenses. I wear contacts mostly and glasses when I need them. I have problems with the contacts if I wear them when I sleep even though my eye doctor assured me this is ok for about a week at a time. So I try to give my eyes a rest and my contacts some solution once a week. Lately I have been getting abrasions on my left eye about once a month bad enough to not be able to wear my contacts for several days. I am not sure why it happens. So what to do? I am tired of being in pain, and as I drive for my job every day I have trouble the times where I am so light sensitive I can hardly crack an eye open. Then pain for several days. What can I do about this? Is LASIK right for me?

Answer: First, STOP wearing your contact lenses as you are doing as you are exposing yourself to a considerable amount of risk. The risk of sight threatening corneal infection with contact lens wear during sleep and with corneal abrasions increase exponentially. There is obviously something very wrong with your contact lenses, the health of your cornea, the health of your tear film, the condition of your eyelids, the health of they eye's surface or all or some of the above. One or more of these factors may have contributed to the to your current state of contact lens intolerance. Nonetheless at the moment you are at considerable risk to say nothing of the discomfort you experience. You need to find the best LASIK Surgeon in your area and eve perhaps find one who is a Corneal Specialist and get a careful examination of the health of your eyes and tear film. During this process they will be able to advise you as to whether and when LASIK might be an option for you. Your eyes need to have a stable prescription, a sufficient and healthy tear film, a healthy normal cornea with a proper shape and thickness and you need to be in good general health. Once these items have been evaluated LASIK Surgery might be a good option to help you be independent of eyeglasses and not have to wear contact lenses.

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