Thursday, October 6, 2011

Good LASIK Candidate?

Question: I have a question about whether I am a LASIK candidate. I am going to be 18 this coming December and have worn glasses since I was 8 or 9-they are thick. I am a boxer and I am going to join the military? Can I be a LASIK Surgery candidate?

Answer: Let's talk about your age first-being 18 is the really the absolute minimum age and what really matters is whether your eyeglass prescription is stable or changing. If it is stable then you are in good shape. You don't say whether your "thick glasses" are for farsightedness or nearsightedness. If they are for farsightedness it could be a problem-likewise if you are extremely nearsighted and your cornea is not sufficiently thick this too could make you a poor candidate. Various branches and schools within the military may have slightly different requirement however entering the military after LASIK is not a problem unless you are going into certain areas of SCUBA or HALO training or certain flight programs. That said it would be important to find the best LASIK Surgeon in your area and around your 18th birthday schedule a LASIK consultation at which time after a full examination or measurements it will be possible to tell if you are a good LASIK candidate or perhaps a candidate for another Laser Eye Surgery for vision correction. Because you are a boxer and subject to a fair amount of facial impact it is quite possible that you will be better off with another form of Laser Vision Correction such as PRK.

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