Monday, October 31, 2011

Cataract Surgery after LASIK

Question: If I get LASIK Eye Surgery now, can I have another eye surgery in the far future such as Cataract Surgery? My Grandmother had Cataract Surgery and was told if you have had LASIK Surgery, you cannot have Cataract Surgery.

Answer: If you have LASIK Surgery when you are younger and then develop a Cataract as part of the normal aging process when you grow older there is NO reason that you cannot have Cataract Surgery to correct your vision. It is helpful if when you have LASIK now, that you keep a copy of your preoperative measurements as these are quite useful to the Cataract Surgeon in doing the calculations for Lens Implant that is used as part of cataract surgery to correct your vision. having LASIK does make the measurement and calculations for Cataract Surgery Lens Implants (IOL) somewhat more difficult but using advanced imaging and measurement technology along with having the original pre LASIK eye exam results can reduce any difficulty a top Cataract Surgeon might experience.

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