Thursday, September 29, 2011

LASIK Enhancements-Should I have One?

Question: I have a question about having a LASIK enhancement. I had LASIK 11 months ago. My original prescription was -3.50 in the right eye and -4.00 in the left eye. The procedure went very well but I had some dry eye and with Restasis is was okay. At the 6 month check-up I was 20/30 in my left 20/20 in my right eye and now after 11 months I am still 20/30 in my left. I just had a consultation with the LASIK Surgeon, who's reaction was "I can do a LASIK enhancement if it bothers you, but if you can tolerate it, my opinion is to just leave it be". I went through 2-3 years of my left eye being under corrected even with glasses, so it's annoying as all get out. I'm just not sure if it'll be worth it. I'm in a quandary. On one hand, I'm kind of miffed that I spent the money to see perfectly and am just slightly less clear in the left eye. On the other hand, it's not horrifically bad, just slightly less clear with like reading the digital clock and being able to see the speed limit signs. The one thing I'm scared about is the possible negative outcomes of an enhancement (over correction, epithelial in growth, halos) because the initial surgery went so well. It also seems that with every blink of the left eye, I get slightly different vision. I can be looking at the digital clock on the DVD player from the couch, cover my right eye, and hardly be able to make out the numbers. But other times it doesn't seem like there's very much of a difference. Can you offer me opinions PLEASE??

Answer: It sounds like you have a few things to think about.

First, is the notion that you "paid for perfect vision". If this is why you had LASIK it was an unrealistic expectation. LASIK is surgery. There is no guarantee of a so called "perfect" outcome. The use of Snellin Visual Acuity to measure "success" is not really appropriate. What is appropriate is asking yourself of you are better off being able to do virtually everything in your life without being dependent on eyeglasses or contacts to see at a distance? With the vision you have now it is a pretty sure bet you can do this. Further it is not normal to compare the two eyes-each eye heals slightly differently.

The second thing to think about is that you seem to have fluctuating vision with blinking that comes and goes-this is very often do to a continued dry eye or tear film problem that may be caused by LASIK or a mild inflammation or irregularity in the health or condition of your eyelid margins. You should fully investigate the cause with your LASIK Surgeon as this may simply require that you continue Restasis or have some treatment for your eyelid margins. If after this you still have 20/30-as you most likely will-then you should just accept it as this is an excellent outcome.

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kelly said...

I have this exact same problem and am going in for a enhancement follow up visit next week. Do you mind if I ask what choice you made and if you had the enhancement, how was the outcome? thanks!