Friday, September 2, 2011

Corneal Erosion, Contact Lenses and Safety

Contact Lenses are often trivialized with regard to safety as a result of their overall commercialization. However, according to researchers reporting in Contact Lens & The Anterior Eye-The Journal of the British Contact Lens Association, contact lens wear continues to be the highest single risk factor for microbial keratitis, particularly when worn in the extended wear modality. For microbial keratitis to occur, the presence of bacteria along with a break in the corneal surface is required. A break can occur from any form of corneal erosion both with and without contact lens wear. However the risk of infection is greater during contact lens wear as the lens can provide a source of bacteria.The causes of corneal erosion with contact lens wear are not completely understood but may be related to certain risk factors such as such as extended wear. Researchers are working to allow the appropriate diagnosis and effective treatment as well as the development of preventative strategies so as to further enhance contact lens wearer safety.

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