Tuesday, August 2, 2011

LASIK for Keratoconus

Question: I'm 21 years old and I've been wearing gas permeable lenses for a few years now. I have Keratoconus and have been told that I pretty much don't have a chance at having LASIK Surgery. I was also told that I could not wear glasses and see correctly out of them, but when I bought some glasses, I actually wear them every day now and don't have a problem with them. I drive with them and everything. I'd really like to know if LASIK is an option for me because it would really help me out a lot in multiple aspects of life.

Answer: While their has been some controversy regarding the appropriateness of performing LASIK for Keratoconus patients outside of the U.S., Laser Vision Correction for patients with Corneal Diseases such as Keratoconus is not generally indicated for a number of reasons at this time. If you do in fact have Keratoconus it means the Cornea is structurally weakened and is thinning and "bulging" with resulting instability in the shape of the Cornea. Laser Eye Surgery for vision correction is a "tissue removal" procedure in which the Cornea is actually thinned further-this would no doubt accelerate the progression of the Keratoconus. In addition, the integrity of the collagen in the Cornea of patients with Keratoconus is compromised and it reacts very unpredictably to the application of laser energy in the way it heals. At the moment this is not a good choice for you. However, there are treatments for Keratoconus in clinical trials that may allow the application of Laser Vision Correction for Keratoconus in the future.

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