Thursday, July 7, 2011

LASIK Follow Up Care

Question: How long is the waiting time between the initial eye exam and the actual LASIK Surgery procedure and what is the necessary follow up care schedule?

Answer: The actual time delay between the initial consultation and actual LASIK Surgery procedure can be quite minimal depending on the LASIK Surgeon preference. If the exam and findings are all normal and without any need to retest or reevaluate any aspects of the exam it is possible to do the actual LASIK procedure on the same day as the exam in some cases. In order to facilitate the shorter timing it is helpful where possible to alert the LASIK Surgeon office of this desire and where possible to provide any previous examination records. It is always necessary to have a follow up visit one day after your LASIK procedure and then sometimes at one week and then depending on how the results look at one month or three months, These reflect minimum follow up requirements and many surgeons do require more frequent visits after LASIK, The best thing to do is check with the LASIK Surgeon you choose to see what they might require in your particular instance.

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