Friday, July 8, 2011

High Myopia, LASIK Surgery & The Military

Question: I am a 26 year old male and have been rejected for military service because of my eyesight. My prescription in my left eye is -13.5 D and my left eye is -14.5 D. Does this disqualify me from having LASIK Surgery?

Answer: Good LASIK Surgery candidates need to have stable prescriptions, healthy corneas of adequate thickness, normal and adequate tear film, good overall eye health and systemic health, normal cornea curvatures and shape as well as several other factors tat we know contribute to good results and patient satisfaction. The extreme degree of myopia or nearsightedness that you have relayed puts you very much at the limits of what LASIK can treat with high levels of long term confidence. It is not an absolute contraindication but you should also consider other alternatives such as lens implants as they may provide you with a more predictable and more successful long term result. Your best next step is to schedule a consultation with a top LASIK Surgeon who is also a comprehensive refractive surgeon and can evaluate you for the various options that might be possible.

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